Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hobart and on the way

Hobart - 8th – 11th Mar 2009

Mt Wellington Lookout
Mount Wellington Hobart Tasmania
From Hobart

The next day we headed for Port Arthur and its historic buildings. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and didn’t realise Port Arthur is basically the historic buildings in a park. We decided not to go in today as it was quite late in the day and obvious you really needed the whole day to look around so looked for a campsite. On further inspection both campsites in the area were quite expensive and we decided to push on and forgo seeing the buildings. But it was quite interesting that these building were built by convicts in the 1800’s and it was like a little town that had been preserved and now made into a park.
We headed for Hobart as there wasn’t anywhere to stay in between. It was quite late by now and luckily we managed to find a campsite on the edge of town that had some space (it was a public holiday w/end in Tassie) We set up and went to bed.

Hobart Tasmania Australia
From Hobart

Hobart is like a large country town more so than a city. No high rises and no hoards of people. Quite nice actually. We spent the next day wandering around the wharf, having fish and chips and looking at some of the local artist galleries in Salamanca square. Unfortunately we won’t be here on Saturday when the famous Salamanca markets are on.

Mt Wellington Lookout
Mount Wellington Hobart Tasmania Australia
From Hobart

In the afternoon we ventured up Mt Wellington that overlooks Hobart. The views over the city and the peninsulas/islands around the area were fantastic. We are having some lovely day weather just nice for walking, but it gets quite cold at night so we are rugging up as soon as the sun goes down!

Richmond Tasmania Australia
From Hobart

Today we had a wander around Richmond which reminded us so much of England, quite green with old looking buildings and parks. On the way back we had a walk though Hobart’s botanical gardens, again so green with proper grass, clovers and daisies! I (Heidi) just had to run bare foot though the lush green grass under the giant fir trees! It’s so strange how you forget what you haven’t seen for ages! There was even an English oak tree grown from an acorn from Sir Winston Churchill’s Garden.
Tomorrow we head on from Hobart probably towards the west but see how we feel in the morning!

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