Saturday, March 21, 2009

Melbourne Again

Melbourne - 21st March

Melbourne Flinders Street Station at night
Melbourne Flinders Street Station Victoria Australia
From Melbourne

After a long 9 hours on the boat which we managed to pass the time by eating, playing cards, trying to sleep in the on board cinema, we arrived in Melbourne. We had pre booked a hotel for tonight as we were catching up with Gary & Mel who were in Melbourne for a few days. We programmed nuvi with the address of the hotel and followed the route until we came across a right hand turn we needed to take and a big sign saying no right hand turn, so inevitably we got lost! After a little detour we arrived at the hotel, with a quick change we were out on our way to the pub. We had such an enjoyable evening, it was great to catch up with Gary, Mel and Alison and see some familiar faces. Thanks again guys for catching up with us.
The next morning was not so pleasant for me (Heidi) as I was feeling a little hung over and couldn’t even manage breakfast as Carl wondered off downstairs for his breaky.

After checking out, we headed around Port Phillip Bay to Torquay. Leaving Melbourne was a bit of a mission as we tried to navigate the city centre, but every road we went down was closed or had a detour in the wrong direction, eventually after getting the paper map out (thanks Heidi) we detoured ourselves from east to west and out of the city.

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