Sunday, March 8, 2009

South East Tasmania

St Columba Falls & Bicheno – 6th -8th Mar 2009

St Columba Falls
St Columba Falls Tasmania Australia
From South East Coast Tasmania

It was very hard to leave the next day and almost stayed another day, considering a dip in the inviting water. We had planned to go to St Columba falls so we decided to push on knowing time is of the essence for us in Tassie.
After an enjoyable walk through the rainforest we saw the highest falls in Tasmania, unfortunately we had timed it wrong with the sun being just above us so were unable to see them properly through the glare and unable to take any decent pics, but they were still pretty impressive as the water came tumbling down, apparently much more so after a decent rainfall.
We pushed on to a coastal town, Bicheno and found a cheap campsite. Bicheno was a great base for our next port of call, Freycinet NP and Wine Glass Bay.

Wine Glass Bay - Freycinet National Park
Wine Glass Bay - Freycinet National Park Tasmania Australia
From South East Coast Tasmania

We headed for Wine Glass Bay the next morning and the walk to the lookout. We decided to walk down to the beach too. On further investigation this was not going to be the easyish walk we first thought! The first 1.5ks were a steep incline to the lookout. So we huffed and puffed to the top and were rewarded with superb views of Wine Glass Bay so called for its shape. Another steep 1.5ks downhill (not looking forward to the return leg we thought) and we were down on the beach. Again the water was crystal clear and just willing you to take a dip. Carl had taken his swimmers and just couldn’t resist but after a little paddling it was very apparent this was some very cold water, colder than the English Channel (which Heidi has never got in to again since living in Brisbane!) So off he went, the crazy man just dived in!

Braving the cold!
Wine Glass Bay - Freycinet National Park Tasmania Australia
From South East Coast Tasmania

It didn’t last for long though as he got out saying he couldn’t breathe as it was so cold! – I just laughed!
After some lunch we headed back up the route we came down. It wasn’t as bad as we thought but were both glad to see the top and knew it was all downhill from there. We were both going to sleep well tonight!

Bicheno - Blowhole
Bicheno Blowhole Tasmania Australia
From South East Coast Tasmania

On the way back we checked out the Blowhole in Bicheno. We were lucky, the swell was in our favour and the water was just exploding out of the rock. The waves were some of the highest I’ve seen and Mother Nature was just battering the coast. The blowhole was pretty impressive and we could get quite close to it, it was a little scary as the waves came crashing in, but quite exciting at the same time.

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