Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nullarbor Crossing

Nullarbor Crossing - 21st - 23rd April

Nullabor Crossing
Nullabor Crossing South Western Australia
From Nullarbor Crossing

The drive from Streaky bay was been pretty uneventful and we wanted to do the drive in as little time as possible. We needed to save some time and this was a good opportunity. We made it all the way to Bunda Cliffs rest area in Nullarbor National Park about 75k’s east of the border and stopped here for the night with a few other travellers. We had a gander at the Australian Bight cliffs here and I was amazed you could actually walk right up to the edge of the cliffs. We were a bit bored of the scenery and the Nullarbor National Park really has no trees at all (Nullarbor being Latin for ‘no trees’).

Crazy signs
Sign Post Nullabor Crossing South Western Australia
From Nullarbor Crossing

It made going to the toilet a little interesting! We kept ourselves entertained by the amusing signs along the way and the enormous road trains that we passed and that passed us. As I write this we are on the longest stretch of straight road in Australia at 146.6k’s or 90miles, trying to keep up with the different time zones and paying a fortune for fuel at $1.62 at the highest so far. (I’m sure we have worse to come!)

Longest straight road - Great!
Sign Post Longest Straight Road Nullabor Crossing South Western Australia
From Nullarbor Crossing

We had planned on taking a dirt road short cut down to Esperance, however about 100ks before this turn off, we drove into a massive storm which we were still driving through when we got to the turn off which had turned into a river, so we abandoned that idea and continued to Norseman, the storm didn’t let up for another 100ks so we were pretty glad to still be on bitumen. It was dark when we got to Norseman and we were exhausted after 800ks of driving, so we elected to stay at the campsite there for the night. Next we plan on going to Kalgoorlie now, before heading back down to Esperance and the southwest coast.

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