Saturday, April 4, 2009

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley - 2nd April – 4th April 2009

Barossa Valley Purchases
Barossa Valley South Australia Wine
From Barossa Valley

We left Adelaide for the short drive to The Barossa Valley via MacDonald’s for some free internet access. The Barossa Valley was a very nice place and after a visit to Tourist Info we decided we were going to take in a few wineries on foot.
Well rested at our camping site we set off on ‘the great wine walk’ as we will forever call it. Basically we walked 10kms throughout the day and took in 6 wineries – Eldertons, Penfolds, Kaeslers, Cockatoo Ridge, Stanley Lambert and Richmond Grove.

Penfolds Tasting
Barossa Valley South Australia Penfolds Wine Tasting
From Barossa Valley

Penfolds is one of the most prodigious wine makers in Australia; some of their wine goes for around $1500 a bottle!! We tried pretty much every wine on the tasting list and they were very good. There was a Chardonnay that was up for tasting for a very limited time that was $150 a bottle. We also enjoyed our first taste of Port here, I think we have been converted, and we even tried Chocolate Port at a later winery, very nice! We had a great afternoon and finished it off with a meal and got a taxi back to the campsite, after waiting for an hour as there was only 1 taxi on duty that night!

Next morning we headed off out of the Barossa, after stopping in at Jacobs Creek for a little more tasting. Heidi found a nice Chardonnay here, so we picked up a bottle and off we headed for Murray River National Park towards Broken Hill.

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