Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mt Gambier & Adelaide

Into South Australia 29th – 30th March

South Australia!! YEY!
South Australia Sign
From Mt Gambier and Adelaide

We left Portland and headed for South Australia and Mt Gambier. We decided to push on from Mt Gambier after seeing the Blue Lake and ended up at Beachport. We did have a little mishap with Carl’s hat as he left it on top of the car and drove off, after searching the back of the car he realised what he had done so we retraced our steps to find it laying on the road just outside where we had stopped!! All items safely now inside the car we moved on. We spent the evening deciding what we wanted to see in SA over the next few weeks and put together a rough itinerary. Next stop was Coorong Nation Park which is a long sand dune with wet lands behind and a haven for birds. We had read about some great places to camp and both were looking forward to a relaxing day next to the water. We got up early and headed for the Coorong. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what we expected and we were both a little disappointed as no bird life to be seen and the camp spots weren’t quite the relaxing seclusion we had imagined. We pushed on for Adelaide as a little conscious of the time we have left for our trip. We aim to spend the next few days exploring Adelaide before heading to the Barossa Valley.

Mount Gambier - Blue Lake
Blue Lake Mount Gambier South Australia
From Mt Gambier and Adelaide

Adelaide 30th March – 1st April

Adelaide South Australia
From Mt Gambier and Adelaide

We arrived in Adelaide after an amazing 7km steep downhill run into the city. The road is a freeway but it just keeps on falling away - Fuel economy figures will have been boosted!!
We arrived at a very nice campsite late(ish) in the evening to be greeted by some very nice staff and set up camp for 3 days to explore Adelaide. We had only driven a little way into the outer suburbs by then, yet it was still clear that Adelaide was a very leafy and pleasant city.
The next day we drove into the city and spent a few hours just wandering around and taking in the sites and sounds before heading out to the famous (To people in Adelaide!) Glenelg. This is the coastal suburb of Adelaide to live in, much like Manly or St Kilda for Sydney or Melbourne. Parking was expensive and we didn’t hang around too long. Seemed nice but you needed to know where to be – like a little local knowledge.

Hahndorf South Australia
From Mt Gambier and Adelaide

The following day we drove out to Hahndorf, Hahndorf is a little historic German town 10kms out of Adelaide. The town is very picturesque and reminded us of autumn England. Adelaide and the surrounding area’s have a strong German influence and in Hahndorf you could buy a few delicacies of German origin. We found some amusing Wurst and you can check out the names in our piccies – made us laugh. After Hahndorf in the warm weather we decided to once again head for the coast. We drove in to south Adelaide through the hills and headed for Christies beach. It was lovely here and we walked up the beach taking in the view over the shallow clear turquoise waters. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

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