Thursday, June 11, 2009


Darwin - 7th June – 11th June 09

Darwin Northern Territory Australia
From Darwin

We arrived to a very hot and humid (for us!) Darwin in the middle of the afternoon and picked up a couple of things for the car – A new Headlight and some De-mineralised water to top up the battery (See Dad we are being good auto maintainers!!).
We then set off in the direction of Lee Point Caravan Park after a recommendation from Frank and Allison. We found the C Park to be an interesting place… They wanted $100 deposit for no real reason other than “it is their policy” and then told us that we could just go pick a site anywhere we liked… The place was quite full and it was a little difficult to find a spot in the shade. After touring around a couple of times we found a spot and set up, all the while sweating our arses off! I would not be joking if I said that this may have been one of the hottest most humid nights I have had in Oz so far! It may have been because we had gotten used to cooler dry whether on our trip, but I know one thing I WAS MELTING.
After an uncomfortable nights sleep, we set off into Darwin to meet up with Kieran and Caroline (the Irish backpackers from Broome and beyond). They had sent us a text 3 days before asking when we would be in Darwin and saying they would love to catch up. After a quick wander around the Darwin Esplanade we met them in a bar called “The Deck” on Mitchell Street at 12pm. After lunch, a few drinks and a lot of catching up, we did not leave the place until 8pm – something we had not planned!
Caroline was very excited as she was meeting up with her boyfriend the next day. She asked if we could stay another night to meet him. We said that we would as the only thing we have seen of Darwin so far is the inside (& outside) of “The Deck”!

Kieran and Caroline
Our Irish backpacker friends
From Darwin

The next morning after once more hearing Dingoes howling during the night (Heidi has decided this as a very eerie noise straight out of a horror movie!), we fitted the headlight and headed off into Darwin. It was the afternoon and we headed for The Wharf Precinct. There is a lagoon (Croc free of course – think it must be the chlorine and tiles they don’t like) that they have built there and it has the best wave machine we have ever seen.
Makes the Oasis in Swindon look like child’s play, these waves were so big you could grab a free boogie board and ride them back to shallow water! COOL!

Darwin Lagoon
Darwin Lagoon Northern Territory Australia
From Darwin

After a fun afternoon and no success with catching a wave, it was time to head home and get ready for our night in town meeting the guys. We ended up being a little late getting out and did not arrive until after 9pm. We stayed out until very late, not getting into bed until 4:30am. We had a good night and said a final farewell to Kieran and maybe Caroline though she is heading in our direction. All this of course forced us into another night in Darwin!
We booked another day and spent it by the pool, reading and getting ready to leave tomorrow. Our next destination was the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park.

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