Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alice Springs

Alice Springs - 18th – 20th June 09

Bojangles, Alice Springs
Bojangles, Alice Springs Norhtern Territory Australia
From Alice Springs

Our road turned north and back to Alice and the drive took the whole day from Uluru. The next day we headed into Alice to explore the town and get a few supplies for the onward trip. We stopped in at the famous Bojangles for lunch. This is a very quirky place and they like to have some fun with their customers. There are coins glued to the floor, on the doors to the toilets the handles are on the wrong side, when you turn the tap on in the bathroom the tap at the next sink along is the one that turns on, even the hand dryers are cross connected. All the while there are video cameras beaming live images to the Bojangles website. (There is even an ‘ON AIR’ sign above the door as you walk in!)

A Thorny Devil
Thorny Devil
From Alice Springs

Late afternoon we managed to find an hour to pop into the Reptile Centre and even got to hold some of the attractions there. We held a Bearded Dragon, a Blue Tongue Skink and another type of skink – the name slips my mind – it was very good fun and educational too!
After another bloody cold night (these were part and parcel of central Australia for us by now!) we headed out of Alice via Anzac Hill, which is a small mound in the middle of town that provides a nice view over the city. Next we stopped at the Old Telegraph Station.

Alice Springs, Old Telegreaph Station
Alice Springs, Old Telegreaph Station
From Alice Springs

The Old Telegraph Station is how Alice came into being and the history and the way that people lived in outback Oz was fascinating. Being so isolated before communications and motor vehicles must have been quite a challenge.
The telegraph station is still worked by volunteers to this day and we sent a message to Mariana via Adelaide (she still hasn’t got it yet though!! Nearly a month has passed….. oh and yes we know we are mega behind with the blog – travelling is so much fun and tiring it is hard to find the time!!)

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