Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park near Cervantes

The Pinnacles, Cervantes - 6th to 7th May 09

The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park
The Pinnacles Nambung National Park Western Australia
From The Pinnacles

From Perth we headed north in earnest for the 1st time on our trip. Driving north in Oz is great for the fridge in the back, as it is out of the sun. One major draw back of this is that we have the sun blazing in through the wind shield all day. (It’s like having a south facing garden in the northern hemisphere – I am starting to get used to things being opposite the whole time!) It can make driving a hot and sweaty experience – not pleasant.
Cervantes was to be our first destination out of Perth and the road there was uninspiring to say the least – 200ks of nothing but tarmac and those bushes that grow in sandy soil. After arriving in Cervantes we headed straight to Nambung National Park and ‘The Pinnacles’.
‘The Pinnacles Desert’ is a little bit of a mystery and the scientific explanation is a little wishy washy. They say that these limestone formations were created by rain millions of years ago. They were then covered by sand and eroded further. Now the sand has been blown away to display this mysterious place behind sand dunes just south of Cervantes. We must say that we were impressed with the modern visitor centre and the fact that you could drive a loop right through the heart of The Pinnacles (a weird and wonderful place). Cervantes itself was small and fairly uneventful with a slightly overpriced caravan park.

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