Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Perth - 1st to 6th May 2009

Perth - Skyline at night
Perth Skyline night Western Australia
From Perth

We arrived in Perth a little elated to be back in a city and having access to everything, this was great as we had a few things to do and also did I mention cheap fuel!!
Perth is WA’s capital city and the 4th biggest city in Australia. The climate is very good with hot summers and mild winters. To us it felt very much like Brisbane without the humidity and the huge bonus of having beaches right there in the suburbs. Nice beaches too, not those almost beaches you can get.
We spent 5 nights at a caravan park in Karrinyup. It was nice (a little pricey – but we were only 12ks from the CBD) with all the amenities you could want. 3 days shopping in the city doing the jobs we needed to and getting a feel for Perth was nice. The first day was broken up with the afternoon being spent in a waterfront bar, trying to find the best deal for 2 of us to eat. After a good feed I (Carl) spoke to Dad properly for the 1st time in for what feels like forever. It was great to catch up and have the time for chit chat rather than hi and bye.

Freemantle Western Australia
From Perth

The 2nd day we went to Fremantle to have a look around (again finding a nice but inexpensive place for lunch). Fremantle is only 18ks south of Perth and is a nice change of pace from the city. We then headed north to Cottesloe Beach for a paddle and to sample the beaches of Perth – lovely place.
After the paddle we headed to South Perth to take some night pics of the city. It was here that Heidi got the chance to speak to her parents for the 1st time since we had been away. After 3 hrs on the phone we had all caught up and felt all of a sudden a lot closer to home once more. (Phone cards are worth their weight in gold)

The Perth Wheel
Perth Wheel Western Australia
From Perth

We both really enjoyed Perth and felt very at home there. It is a bit of a shame that we spent a lot of our time there getting those little things done and not being a bit touristier. We both agree though that if we had to pick another city in which to live in Oz it would be Perth, without a doubt – relaxed, yet still a city, great beaches, modern and a great climate. One problem – it seems to be miles from anywhere. I mean it is cheaper and quicker to fly to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) than it is to fly to Sydney!! And if you drive 50ks north you are in the middle of nowhere!

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