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Coen and Bramwell Station 5th – 7th July 09

Coen and Bramwell Station 5th – 7th July 09

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Bramwell Station 4x4's Cape York
From Coen And Bramwell station

From Lakefield we headed for the small community of Coen and the precious fuel that they offer travellers in these parts. Along the way we stopped in at Musgrave River Roadhouse and bought some block ice. Our plan was to empty the fridge lay the block of ice in the bottom and then put everything back on top. This plan worked all the way up to the tip and back – we had to buy ice every 2-3 days (Pretty good really)
We chose to camp at a free rest stop just outside of Coen. This was clearly a popular spot as there many others camping here.
The highlight of the evening was showing Sandy how to build a campfire and eating the Damper she cooked on it. Yummy!

Bramwell Station by night Cape York
Bramwell Station by night
From Coen And Bramwell station

The next day we were headed for Bramwell Station, Sandy and Elliott had booked us all in and agreed to leave their Camper trailer there whilst they continue up to the top and back. Most of the day was spent driving and announcing hazards on the UHF. We did stop in at Archer River Roadhouse and Moreton Telegraph Station along the way.
Bramwell Station, not to be confused with Bramwell Junction is a working cattle property just off the main road. They were closed to the public but I guess as we called ahead they let us in. As we set up camp in front of the bar they have built for their guests a tour bus rolled up, oh no we thought… until we saw that everyone of them was over 60!!
We had a peaceful night watching Sandy and Elliott unload what they needed from the camper into the 4x4. Sandy cooked us a nice mince meat meal, which for the life of me I can’t remember what she called it!
We were all eagerly (and a little nervously) anticipating the day ahead and one of the main reasons we came up here – THE OLD TELEGRAPH TRACK (OTL) – WOO HOO!!

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