Friday, February 20, 2009

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance - 17-20th Feb 2009

Lakes Entrance is a huge system of lakes that have been made to flow into the ocean by a man made trench, this trench needs to be dredged regularly to keep ‘The Entrance’ open. The Lakes are kept from the open ocean by a thin bank of sand known as Ninety Mile Beach.

Lakes Entrance
Lakes Entrance Victoria Australia
From Lakes Entrance

The whole place had a holiday resort feel and the camp sites came thick and fast. As usual we had not booked anywhere and asked at Tourist Info for something ‘central’. The lady was very nice and provided the info we requested – 3 central campsites. We drove around the sites and they all had something in common – They were small and cramped for space. It looked like all the sites merged into one. This is not what we are used to and we decided to turn to ‘Nuvi’ our sat nav. She sent us to a site slightly on the edge of town and near the beach. The site itself was much bigger and seemed more spread out. It was slightly above budget, however there was one serious plus here – 3 hrs free WiFi Internet every day! So good. Also Heidi would like to mention that there was a jumping pillow. This is basically a massive bag of air, like a bouncy castle.

Jumping Pillow
Jumoing Pillow Lakes Entrance Victoria Australia
From Lakes Entrance

We set up the main tent as this was a ‘3 nighter’, then it was straight off to the showers. I was right, hot, running water felt so good! As did a shave – I was looking a bit rough!

The next couple of days were spent driving around, seeing a few tourist places and relaxing. We had lovely local prawns, chilled on the beach, drove up the silt jetties second in size to those in the Mississippi river and decided what to do over the next few days.

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