Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sydney - 24th Jan to 27th Jan 2009

During our brief stay in Sydney we travelled to Botany Bay and visited the place that Captain Cook first landed in Australia back in 1770. We found out that when Cptn Cook later claimed the land for England in 1788, he did so just a few days before a french guy claimed it for France. Phew! Don’t think this place would be quite so appealing if it were full of frenchies!!

Port Jackson was our next spot on the tour of Sydney; this is where the calm of Sydney Harbour meets the open Pacific Ocean. We had a walk around after spending 30 mins looking for a parking spot – Nightmare!

Sydney Side Street
Sydney New South Wales Australia
From Sydney

We then drove through Bronte and Bondi, wanting to stop but never finding a spot to park. This place is so busy! We finally stopped for lunch at an awesome spot over looking the Harbour Bridge and Opera house. It was a long way off but looked so good! Imagine New Year’s would look great from up here. Heidi had woken up with a very painful stiff neck in the morning so I had to do all of the driving in Sydney – not a pleasant experience (Thank god for the Sat Nav – Purchased with the Koenig’s Xmas pressie money – Thanks Guys!).
The next day was Australia Day and we had planned to go into the city and watch the celebrations, but unfortunately due to Heidi being in so much pain with her neck we spent the day wandering around Manly beach and then just had a relaxing night back at the camp ground with some wine and cheese reading up on the Hunter Valley. This turned out be fine with us because it just rained all night and into the morning.

The next day packing up was a nightmare – the rain made everything sopping and we couldn’t pack the car properly. Carl rigged up a tarp over the back of the car coming off the roof rack and that gave us the space we needed to pack it up. 4 hours later still with no breakfast inside us, wet and 1 hour late for check out we had finished. The tent was in a bin liner covered in dirt and if we weren’t laughing so much about the disaster we would have been crying!! Off to the showers we went, man that felt so good! Then to MacDonald’s! Before the drive to the Hunter Valley (Wine Country).

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