Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi all

Welcome to our little space, this will be our account of our adventure. We are planning on doing the trip (around oz) at the end of the year, but thought we would start from the very beginning...... buying the fourbie.

We have been doing a bit of research for a few months on what to buy and have put a deposit on a Ford Maverick today subject to a mechanical inspection, so fingers crossed it will not be too much of a shock tomorrow, and then we will have taken the first step!

So it all started with a test drive, with neither of us ever driving a 4x4 before, we spent the first minute laughing about how big it felt (like a bus!), but once we got into it, it was surprisingly comfortable and I could quite see it becoming our home for 6 months+.

So we wait for the inspection tomorrow and I will update, hopefully with good news and a 4x4 on the driveway!

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